WEB Development AND Designing in Multan

Lesson 1. Orientation

1.1 Syllabus Review and Quiz
1.2 Subscribe to the course calendar
1.3 Review of Course Projects
1.4 Introduce yourself to the class on Google+
Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process

Lesson 2. Web File Management

2.1 Files and Folders
2.2 Downloading Web Pages
2.3 Editing Code
2.4 Zipping Folders
Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process
2.5 Zipping folders and Submitting Work

Lesson 3. HTML Tags

3.1 Choose a Website Topic
3.2 Overview of HTML Tags
3.3 The HTML 5 Template
3.4 The Head
3.5 Formatting Content
Tidbit: The Coding Cycle
3.6 Compound Tags
3.7 Character Entities
3.8 Commenting and Formatting Code
3.9 Other HTML Tags
Designers Lounge: Universal Usability
3.10 Additional Resources

Lesson 4. HTML Attributes and Images

4.1 Acquiring Images
Tidbit: Copyright, Copywrong, Creative Commons
4.2 Graphics File Formats
4.3 Editing Images
4.4 The img Tag
4.5 Absolute Links
4.6 Embedding Media
4.7 Relative Links
4.8 Validating Code
Designers Lounge: HTML5
4.9 Additional Resources

Lesson 5. CSS – Styling Tags

5.1 CSS Basics, Colors and Inline Styles
5.2 Inteternal Style Sheets and Basic Formatting
Tidbit: CSS3
5.3 External Stylesheets
5.4 Common Properties
Designers Lounge: Creating Effective Color Palettes
5.5 Additional Resources

Lesson 6. CSS – Page Layout

6.1 Classes IDs Divs Spans
6.2 The Box
6.3 Boxes in Boxes
Designers Lounge: Whitespace and Paragraph Formatting
6.4 Styling Page Divisions
6.5 Additional Resources

Lesson 7. Nav Bars

Designers Lounge: Google Chrome Developer Tools
7.1 Adding a Navigation Bar
7.2 Customizing a Navigation Bar
7.3 Additional Resources

Lesson 8. Publishing Websites

8.1 FTP and Web Servers
Designers Lounge: Website Critique
8.2 Additional Resources

Lesson 9. Designing with Sections

Designers Lounge: Favicons
9.1 Sections and Background Colors
9.2 Background Images
9.3 Adding a Navigation Bar
Tidbit: Typography
9.4 Additional Resources

Lesson 10. Javascript

10.1 Adding a jQuery Animated Scrolling Effect
Designers Lounge: Coding
10.2 Additional Resources

Lesson 11. Responsive Design

11.1 Lesson Overview
Designers Lounge: Page Layout, Mental Models & Chunking
11.3 Media Queries
11.4 Multiple Media Queries
11.5 Targeting Devices
11.6 Images and Video
11.7 Columns and Tweaks
11.8 The Viewport
11.9 On Your Own
Tidbit: Mobile First Design
11.10 Additional Resources

Lesson 12. Front End Frameworks

12.1 Explore Bootstrap Elements
12.2 Downloading Bootstrap
12.3 Downloading a Bootstrap Example
Tidbit: Bootstrap Themes and the Parallax Effect
12.4 Reviewing the Example Code
12.5 Replacing Page Content
12.6 Customizing the Design
Designers Lounge: Framework or CMS
12.7 Additional Resources

Lesson 13. Content Management Systems

Tidbit: Content Management Systems (CMS)
13.1 Setting up WordPress
13.2 Creating Posts
Tidbit: CMS Security
13.3 Creating Pages
13.4 Working with Media
13.5 Themes and Widgets
Designers Lounge: Ecommerce
13.6 Additional Resources

PHP Complete With Database:

  • Server Side Development – PHP (30 hours)
  • Sitting and configuring work environment.
  • PHP syntax, variables, Operators … etc.
  • PHP Functions.
  • PHP with Forms.
  • PHP Server Variables.
  • PHP & MYSQL. [Project]

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