MikroTIK training in Multan

MikroTIK training in Multan

We are conducting intensive public or private MikroTik training sessions  all around Pakistan and Dubai according to the official MikroTik Training Outline.

The Net Rider with 7 years experience are committed to providing you a high-quality, personalized and on-demand education. We trained around thousand of MikroTik certifications for engineers so far.

MikroTik Courses are beneficial for network engineers, integrators and managers, who would like to learn about routing and managing wired and wireless networks using MikroTik RouterOS and RouterBoard.

Lab 1- Basic Settings for Beginner

Lab 2- Basic Settings for Beginner

Lab 3- |Hotspot| PPPoE| Radius| DHCP

Lab 4- Radius Server Complete Setting Step by Step

Lab 5 – How to Block Porn Website

Lab 6 – 2 WAN |Load Balancing| Setting

Lab 7 – How to Create Multiple Hotspot, DHCP, PPPoE Servers

Lab 8 – How to view and reset User Manager Admin Password

Lab 9 – How to Access Mikrotik Out of City Setting

Lab 10 – Netinstall , How to install Os into Mikrotik RouterBoard

Lab 11- How to Edit |Mikrotik|Hotspot Page| & Upload into |Routerboard

Lab 12- Hotspot | PPPeE |DHCP Servers Complete Setting

Lab 13 – How to |Create| & |Restore| Back Up

Lab 14 – Email From Mikrotik to Gmail

Lab 15 – Auto Send Email to gmail

Lab 16 – How to use Ptcl Modem as a Switch

Lab 17 – How to Convert Ptcl Modem to |TP-LINK| Router

Lab 18 – How to Connect Ptcl Modems to Multiple Modem

Lab 19 – How to use Safe Mode In Mikrotik Router Board

Lab 20 – How to Block Pron site in Google Chrome Part 3/2

Lab 21 – How to Use Traffic Monitor Mikrotik Routerboard

Lab 22 – How to use | IP Binding | in Mikrotik| Routerboard|

Lab 23 – PPPoe and Hotspot manage with Mangle Rules

Lab 24 – How To Monitor Client Activity

Lab 25 – Load Balancing Part-2 | Setting

Lab 26 – How to Create a Logs Server Setting

Lab 27 – How to Use Fast Track DNS

Lab 28 – Configure RouterBoard use as a Switch

Lab 29 – Access Devices and Manage your Network using RoMON

Lab 30 – LiteBeam 5AC 16 120 16dBi | link| power -lite beam

Lab 31- PCQ Bandwidth Management

Lab 32 – Access All Device at home

Lab 32 – All Bandwidth in Queues| Hotspot User Control

Lab 34 – Load Balancing 4 WAN + 1 LAN

Lab 35 – ECMP Method Load Balancing

Lab 36- NTH Method Load Balancing

Lab 36 dlinkddns access your Winbox Or Routerboard

Lab 37- VPN Connection access your all network

Lab 38- how to increase Memory of MikroTik Router board


The are many different types of certification for MikroTik. we are offering you can explore it.

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