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Freelancer in  Multan | Pakistan | Dubai

Lecture  : Overall Idea About Freelance Outsourcing

What is freelancing?
What is outsourcing?
Online freelance marketplaces.
Basic idea about payment systems.
Types of freelancing work.
Basic idea about WordPress.
Free lancing related jobs in online/offline.
What you need to be a successful Free lancer ?
How to start learning lancing

Lecture  : Marketplace

Creating an effective profile.
Making an eye catching  profile.
How to write a professional proposal?
What should you do and don’t ?
How to withdraw money  ?

Lecture  : Elance & Freelancer

Creating Account in Elance & Freelancer
Create a professional profile
Exams for Elance &
How to write a professional proposal?
How to verify Phone and NID/DL/PP?
What should do and don’t in Elance & Freelancer?
How to withdraw money from Elance & Freelancer?

Lecture : PPH & Fiverr

 Creating Account in PPH & Fiverr
Creating professional profile.
How to write professional proposal/hourlie/gigs?
How to collect stars and Endorsements?
How to increase Rank / CRT?
How to verify Phone and NID/DL/PP?
What should you do and don’t in PPH & Fiverr?
How to withdraw money from PPH & Fiverr?

Lecture : Payment Systems from Freelancing Sites:

a. Payoneer Master Card

– Apply for a free MasterCard
– How to use Payoneer MasterCard
– Where Can use MasterCard
– Maintenances of MasterCard
– What should do and don’t with PMC

-Freelancing + Premiere Pro + Slideshow Animation

b. Moneybookers

– Create a MB account.
– How to use MB.

c. Direct Bank Wire Transfer.



This Freelancer course is specially designed for those people who loved to work from home and want to be his own boss. I have more then 5 years of Freelancing experience working with different countries all over the world. Therefore, I am going to share all my experience in this course to guide you to get ultimate projects worldwide.

Who this course is for:

Who love to work from Home
Who want to be his own boss


According to market standard  a trainee lancer will be able to:

  1. Learn the dynamics of Digital Marketing Freelance Jobs
  2. Learn the foundations of Digital and Social Media Marketing
  3. Understand the evolution of Marketing discipline from the traditional to the digital medium, and its importance in the current age
  4. Develop effective and contemporary Digital Marketing Strategy
  5. Understand and implement the process of Digital Marketing through the use of various tools
  6. Engage and attract traffic to Digital Assets through the use of tools and techniques
  7. Learn how to monitor, optimize and evaluate the Digital Marketing strategy through the use of Data Analytics
  8. Learn how to be an effective Digital Marketing Freelancer


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