Cisco Digital Learning Library With the new Cisco Digital Learning Library, training just got more effective and convenient. The portfolio provides the ease and accessibility of e-learning, but has a style of learning that is more like an instructor-led course. The new e-learning courses in the Cisco Digital Learning Library are self-paced and modular, with[…]


Lesson 1. Orientation 1.1 Syllabus Review and Quiz 1.2 Subscribe to the course calendar 1.3 Review of Course Projects 1.4 Introduce yourself to the class on Google+ Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process Lesson 2. Web File Management 2.1 Files and Folders 2.2 Downloading Web Pages 2.3 Editing Code 2.4 Zipping Folders Designers Lounge: The[…]


Course Outcome: At the end on this course the students will gain enough knowledge to create and publish their own Apps for Google Android devices as well as ability to learn advanced topics through self study methods we will teach them. All students will be provided CDs containing software, project source code, as well as[…]

C | C++

DETAILED COURSE OUTLINE Day Chapters & Strategies Topics 1 Course Introduction Format and schedule Course contents – what to expect from the course Course format – lectures and workshops, timing Scope 1 Object-Oriented Features Fundamental OO features, embodied in C++ classes Basic OO concepts, example Classes: definition, attributes, methods Customer class: definition/declaration, implementation File organization:[…]


DETAILED COURSE OUTLINE # Chapters & Strategies Topics 1 Fundamental Programming Structures in Java Learn the basics of the Java programming language The main() method Primitive Data Types Variables Constants Assignments Initializations Operators Strings Control Flow Code Examples & Exercises 2 Classes and Objects in Java Master the fundamental elements of OOP and related Java[…]


Introduction To Visual Basic .NET Programming With Microsoft .NET Course Outline Getting Started Basic .NET Concepts Exploring the Development Environment Creating a Visual Basic .NET Project Working with Forms and Controls Understanding Programming Concepts Working with Windows Forms Working with Controls Styling Your Code Using Variables and Arrays Introduction to Data Types Using Variables Variable[…]


IOSH: IOSH Managing Safely is a basic risk management certificate in health and safety. It enables those who manage a team to meet their responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace. The course is split into 2 units – 1 taught module and a work-based assignment which will demonstrate your application of the knowledge[…]


The course PGDITS is specially designed to add a professional qualification to all Graduate e.g. B.A., B.Com or B.Sc. and also B. Tech / BEs enabling them to be in demand in the job market. It is a new learning programme to provide manpower to industry to transform challenges into opportunities in the next century.[…]


IT Courses & Workshops – Course Outlines Microsoft Preparing for OADL, ECDL & MOS Exams – Induction Learning MS Office Online with the Imagine Academy (Formally IT Academy) MS Word: Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3 MS Excel: Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3 MS PowerPoint: Level 1 – Level 2[…]

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