The course PGDITS is specially designed to add a professional qualification to all Graduate e.g. B.A., B.Com or B.Sc. and also B. Tech / BEs enabling them to be in demand in the job market. It is a new learning programme to provide manpower to industry to transform challenges into opportunities in the next century.

Course Content

  • IS 101 – Information / Knowledge and its value, Corporate information systems and security.
  • IS 102 – Knowledge management, Technology evolution management.
  • IS 103 – Introduction to computing, Operating systems, Windows, MS Office, Networking, Programming technology, (C+ +, VB, OOP, HTML & Java), Multimedia applications.
  • IS 104 – RDBMS, Data warehousing, Data mining.
  • IS 105 – IT: Concept and technology, IS and its relation to IT, Infuence of IS in organisation, Networking, Concept of digital nervous system.
  • IS 106 – Internet, E-business, ERP, Web-designing.
  • IS 107 – Management economics, Business planning, Organisational dynamics, Business intelligence, Relationship management, Human Capital Development
  • IS 108 – Project work

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