Lesson 1. Orientation

1.1 Syllabus Review and Quiz
1.2 Subscribe to the course calendar
1.3 Review of Course Projects
1.4 Introduce yourself to the class on Google+
Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process

Lesson 2. Web File Management

2.1 Files and Folders
2.2 Downloading Web Pages
2.3 Editing Code
2.4 Zipping Folders
Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process
2.5 Zipping folders and Submitting Work

Lesson 3. HTML Tags

3.1 Choose a Website Topic
3.2 Overview of HTML Tags
3.3 The HTML 5 Template
3.4 The Head
3.5 Formatting Content
Tidbit: The Coding Cycle
3.6 Compound Tags
3.7 Character Entities
3.8 Commenting and Formatting Code
3.9 Other HTML Tags
Designers Lounge: Universal Usability
3.10 Additional Resources

Lesson 4. HTML Attributes and Images

4.1 Acquiring Images
Tidbit: Copyright, Copywrong, Creative Commons
4.2 Graphics File Formats
4.3 Editing Images
4.4 The img Tag
4.5 Absolute Links
4.6 Embedding Media
4.7 Relative Links
4.8 Validating Code
Designers Lounge: HTML5
4.9 Additional Resources

Lesson 5. CSS – Styling Tags

5.1 CSS Basics, Colors and Inline Styles
5.2 Inteternal Style Sheets and Basic Formatting
Tidbit: CSS3
5.3 External Stylesheets
5.4 Common Properties
Designers Lounge: Creating Effective Color Palettes
5.5 Additional Resources

Lesson 6. CSS – Page Layout

6.1 Classes IDs Divs Spans
6.2 The Box
6.3 Boxes in Boxes
Designers Lounge: Whitespace and Paragraph Formatting
6.4 Styling Page Divisions
6.5 Additional Resources

Lesson 7. Nav Bars

Designers Lounge: Google Chrome Developer Tools
7.1 Adding a Navigation Bar
7.2 Customizing a Navigation Bar
7.3 Additional Resources

Lesson 8. Publishing Websites

8.1 FTP and Web Servers
Designers Lounge: Website Critique
8.2 Additional Resources

Lesson 9. Designing with Sections

Designers Lounge: Favicons
9.1 Sections and Background Colors
9.2 Background Images
9.3 Adding a Navigation Bar
Tidbit: Typography
9.4 Additional Resources

Lesson 10. Javascript

10.1 Adding a jQuery Animated Scrolling Effect
Designers Lounge: Coding
10.2 Additional Resources

Lesson 11. Responsive Design

11.1 Lesson Overview
Designers Lounge: Page Layout, Mental Models & Chunking
11.3 Media Queries
11.4 Multiple Media Queries
11.5 Targeting Devices
11.6 Images and Video
11.7 Columns and Tweaks
11.8 The Viewport
11.9 On Your Own
Tidbit: Mobile First Design
11.10 Additional Resources

Lesson 12. Front End Frameworks

12.1 Explore Bootstrap Elements
12.2 Downloading Bootstrap
12.3 Downloading a Bootstrap Example
Tidbit: Bootstrap Themes and the Parallax Effect
12.4 Reviewing the Example Code
12.5 Replacing Page Content
12.6 Customizing the Design
Designers Lounge: Framework or CMS
12.7 Additional Resources

Lesson 13. Content Management Systems

Tidbit: Content Management Systems (CMS)
13.1 Setting up WordPress
13.2 Creating Posts
Tidbit: CMS Security
13.3 Creating Pages
13.4 Working with Media
13.5 Themes and Widgets
Designers Lounge: Ecommerce
13.6 Additional Resources

PHP Complete With Database:

Server Side Development – PHP (30 hours)

Sitting and configuring work environment.

PHP syntax, variables, Operators … etc.

PHP Functions.

PHP with Forms.

PHP Server Variables.

PHP & MYSQL. [Project]

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