Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks Duration 2- Month: Course Description This course is for people who are interested in creating and optimizing graphics for websites. Course teaches you all about bitmap image and vector graphics through using Adobe Fireworks. The Fireworks Environment An Overview Of Fireworks Vector And Bitmap Graphics Fireworks Environment Elements Navigating In Fireworks Creating Vector Graphics[…]

Adobe after Effects

Adobe after Effects Duration 2-Month:  Course Description Adobe after Effects is a popular software program for creating motion effects and visual graphics for video. This course will introduce the After Effects GUI and workspace, as well as show you how to import and organize files, what video standards and presets are, and how to compose motion[…]

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Duration 2-Month: Course Description Adobe Flash has rapidly become recognized as the revolutionary vector-based design and animation software. Adobe Flash is used to construct high impact interactive and animated websites with sound, video, web banners, games, applications and a lot more. It has become an indispensable tool for the contemporary web designers. Get[…]

Adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator Duration 1- Month: Course Description Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor which allows people to design precise, easily scalable illustrations. It is especially useful for typesetting, logo design, and line art. Learning Objectives: The difference between Vector and Raster graphics Examples of Illustrator created work Overview of program tools and layout Creating a[…]

Interior and Exterior

Interior and Exterior Duration 3-Month:  Course Description This online interior and exterior design course is a comprehensive program that will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional interior and exterior designer. You will learn design trends and history, furniture styles and fabrics, color theory and lighting. In addition we’ll teach you how[…]

Cyber Security

1.0          Network Concepts   1.1. Describe the function of the network layers as specified by the OSI and the TCP/IP network models 1.2. Describe the operation of the following 1.2.a IP 1.2.b TCP 1.2.c UDP 1.2.d ICMP 1.3. Describe the operation of these network services 1.3.a ARP 1.3.b DNS 1.3.c DHCP 1.4. Describe the basic[…]