Cisco Digital Learning Library With the new Cisco Digital Learning Library, training just got more effective and convenient. The portfolio provides the ease and accessibility of e-learning, but has a style of learning that is more like an instructor-led course. The new e-learning courses in the Cisco Digital Learning Library are self-paced and modular, with[…]


Lesson 1. Orientation 1.1 Syllabus Review and Quiz 1.2 Subscribe to the course calendar 1.3 Review of Course Projects 1.4 Introduce yourself to the class on Google+ Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process Lesson 2. Web File Management 2.1 Files and Folders 2.2 Downloading Web Pages 2.3 Editing Code 2.4 Zipping Folders Designers Lounge: The[…]

ASP.NET With C# Using 

ASP.NET With C# Using  DETAILED COURSE OUTLINE # Chapters & Strategies Topics 1 Introduction to ASP.NET From ASP to ASP.NET Web Forms Web Services ASP.NET Features 2 Web Forms Architecture Page Class Web Forms Life Cycle Web Forms Event Model Code-Behind 3 ASP.NET and HTTP Request/Response Programming HttpRequest Class HTTP Collections HttpResponse Class Redirection HttpUtility[…]

Interior and Exterior

Interior and Exterior Duration 3-Month:  Course Description This online interior and exterior design course is a comprehensive program that will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional interior and exterior designer. You will learn design trends and history, furniture styles and fabrics, color theory and lighting. In addition we’ll teach you how[…]

IT Essentials

IT Essentials Duration 3-Month: Course Description The IT Essentials course covers the fundamentals of computer hardware and software and advanced concepts such as security, networking, and the responsibilities of an IT professional. It is designed for students who want to pursue careers in ICT and students who want to gain practical knowledge of how a computer[…]

Magneto Development

Magneto Development Duration 3 -Month: Course Description Magneto is a very powerful and fast growing ecommerce script, created by Varian. It is an open-source platform using Send PHP and MySQL databases. Magneto offers great flexibility through its modular architecture, is completely scalable and has a wide range of control options that its users appreciate. Part 1[…]

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Duration 2-Month: Course Description Adobe Flash has rapidly become recognized as the revolutionary vector-based design and animation software. Adobe Flash is used to construct high impact interactive and animated websites with sound, video, web banners, games, applications and a lot more. It has become an indispensable tool for the contemporary web designers. Get[…]

Google Sketch up

Google Sketch up Duration 3-Month: Course Description Google Sketch Up is a 3D modeling program optimized for a broad range of applications such as architectural, civil, mechanical, film as well as video game design. Visualizing spaces in 3D is critical to the successful design of architectural spaces. With Sketch Up, you can create and edit 3D[…]

CCTV Training

CCTV Training Duration 3- Month: Course Description This action packed CCTV Installation Course is designed for those who wish to enhance their skill in the installation of the latest analogue and digital CCTV equipment, including IP technology used in today’s security industry. With the practical experience gained from this course you will have the knowledge and[…]